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Pezzani Space Saving Furniture

Pezzani Company was founded back in 1974, based on foldable and functional furniture for contemporary homes where using all available space was a must. A unique collection of folding tables, chairs and shelves was created by the Company founder, Giancarlo Pezzani, a creative designer.

As of 1992 Giancarlo Pezzani’s sons Massimo, Cristiano and Giovanni took the place of the founder in the Company management and decided to expand and develop the trade in furniture with an innovative design obtained by the harmonic synthesis of unique materials such as steel, aluminium, glass and solid wood. These items were conceived combining experience and craftsmanship expertise with the most advanced technologies. 

Pezzani Functional Furniture From Nuastyle

Pezzani Lab

A way to think and to do where different experiences meet themselves: conceptualism and formal study of designers and the artisanal experience in which the company was born. The union of these two different ways of thinking and doing, together with the contamination of the most recent market trends, create Pezzani Home collection items. They are characterized by the essential design, the using of traditional but renewed materials, the continuous research of quality and functionality which distinguish each of their designs.

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