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Di Lazzaro Casa presents and exclusive range of modern tables, chairs, stools, cabinets and home accessories all made entirely in Italy.

Di Lazzaro Casa

Di Lazzaro Casa Italian Design Furniture from Nuastyle

Di Lazzaro Casa was founded over 65 years ago in Mosciano Sant 'Angelo, Teramo in the heart of the Italian region of Abruzzi

Since their foundation the company has specialised in the production of tables, chairs and contemporary furniture with modern styling.

All production from from design conception through production, and quality control is carried out entirely in Italy to guarantee and preserve the typical characteristics of Italian experience and craftsmanship.

'The product must be able to freely express it' personality and character in the living environment, but without overwhelming the the person who uses it, giving them the opportunity to identify with the lifestyle conferred by such luxurious items'

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