• Bonaldo
  • Bontempi Casa

    Bontempi Casa

    The Bontempi Casa brand has become synonymous with contemporary home furnishings worldwide, their collection features continuous innovation positioned to satisfy the ever-growing demand of modern lifestyles.

  • Connubia Calligaris
  • Dallagnese


    Since 1948, Dall’Agnese’s goal has been to guarantee quality and expertise to all the people who love the furniture manufactured in Italy. They remain in complete control every single step of the manufacturing process, from raw materials to finished products.

  • Di Lazzaro Casa

    Di Lazzaro Casa

    Di Lazzaro Casa presents and exclusive range of modern tables, chairs, stools, cabinets and home accessories all made entirely in Italy.

  • Distinct by NuaStyle

    Distinct by NuaStyle

    The Distinct Collection by Nuastyle represents our own brand products that place practicality, aesthetic style & design credibility on equal levels.

    From Lounge to Dining, Storage or Desks, we know you’ll find that perfect piece for your home.

    Now, modern design furniture can be original, well made and super value for money.

  • Easyline by Ozzio Italia
  • Extra Sale Items

    Extra Sale Items

    Extra Sale Items

  • Ingenia Casa

    Ingenia Casa

    Ingenia Casa was introduced in 2004 by Bontempi Casa as a way to expand their existing selection and range of modern chairs and furniture design. This line of products is now renowned as innovative in creating beautiful Italian furnishings, that is also made exclusively in Italy.

  • Innermost


    Innermost's quirky yet quality lighting design has roots in the classic English tradition with a dash of punk culture.

    In 1999 Central London, Steve Jones and Russell Cameron gave up their jobs within design consultancy and furniture design to pursue a shared dream of unique but diverse furniture and lighting brand.

  • Linie Design Rugs

    Linie Design Rugs

    A Linie Design rug is an original piece of handmade craftsmanship; made to last, designed to stay. Producing quality rugs for both the retail and contract furnishing markets, these carpets are renowned for their originality and simplicity - and can now be yours.

  • Louis De Poortere
  • Lovi


    The LOVI Sofa brand embodies contemporary Scandinavian Sofa design, excellent comfort, and durability few can match.

    LOVI strives to provide comfortable, fashionable furniture with as little impact on the environment as possible.

  • Massimo


    Founded in 2001, Massimo design innovative hand-knotted and handwoven rugs for the contemporary home.

    Each rug is unique and entirely handmade based on centuries-old tradition and technique, seeking to create a dialogue between the established and the experimental, the past and the present.

  • MD House

    MD House

    MD House are specialists in modular furniture systems for the living room and bedroom, all designed with an eye on the very latest home furnishing trends.

    A design concept inspired by essential beauty, harmonious lines and colours, quality wood veneers, matt and gloss varnishes and impeccable finishes with artisanal-style detailing, like wardrobe doors with hollow-core wood panels.

  • Miniforms
  • Natisa
  • Nuastyle Outlet

    Nuastyle Outlet

    Furnish your home for less!

    Contemporary Designer Furniture from big name brands all sold at incredible prices. No more waiting. All of the items are in stock and ready for dispatch!

  • Ozzio Italia

    Ozzio Italia

    Ozzio Italia

    Extendable Tables. Fixed Tables, Multifunctional Tables, Transformable Tables, Extendable Consoles, Chairs, Sideboards, Armchairs, Stools, Complementary Items, Mirrors, TV Stands, Bookcases and Poufs.

    The OZZIO ITALIA Collection is characterised by a Unique Interpretation of Contemporary Life and stems from a Vision Encompassing Inspirations from all over the world.

    OZZIO ITALIA Products revolutionise modern living, defined by ever smaller spaces, creating transformable, multifunctional furniture, with a range of different uses.

  • Pezzani


    Pezzani Space Saving Furniture

    Pezzani Company was founded back in 1974, based on foldable and functional furniture for contemporary homes where using all available space was a must. A unique collection of folding tables, chairs and shelves was created by the Company founder, Giancarlo Pezzani, a creative designer.

    As of 1992 Giancarlo Pezzani’s sons Massimo, Cristiano and Giovanni took the place of the founder in the Company management and decided to expand and develop the trade in furniture with an innovative design obtained by the harmonic synthesis of unique materials such as steel, aluminium, glass and solid wood. These items were conceived combining experience and craftsmanship expertise with the most advanced technologies. 

  • Softnord
  • Temahome
  • Tonin Casa

    Tonin Casa


    Tonin Casa furniture’s goal is to mix beauty with functionality, tradition & innovation with attention to detail and unity of elements.

    Its furniture creations have an entirely distinctive character, with the capacity to last through time, never forgetting that techniques and materials are nothing without the love for one’s own creations.

    Founded by Gianni Tonin in 1975, Tonin Casa has always been passionate and willing to research the latest innovations within design home decor.